The Video  Gallery

These videos have all been uploaded to YouTube as HD quality.   If you wish to watch them full screen, click on the YouTube link in the bottom right corner of the viewer and a new full size window will open in your browser.

A Sandy Denny Tribute from Tinkerscuss and ourselves...


Arising from an idea I had when our mate Bryony Holden of Tinkerscuss told us she was releasing a tribute album to the late,  great Sandy Denny,

An idle moment of listening to Bryony's track played together with the original had me on the phone to Tinkerscuss Central.   Within an hour Erin had put together this fusion of Bryony and Sandy in their studio and the tribute video was well on the way to  completion.


Our thanks go to Simon Nicol (Fairport Convention) in the UK  and Elizabeth Hurtt  (Sandy Denny Estates)  in Australia for granting us permission to use the original soundtrack.


We have been told the video has also been approved by Sandy's daughter Georgia.


Running time :  5:48  (10440)

Flash Folk Gatherings are an idea by two local folk artistes Jack Burness and Mike Orchard.  Started in 2013, the guys selected several locations across Durham and Northumberland and invited all their friends and associates to attend along with anyone who just fancied an afternoon and evening of workshops and entertainment.


These gatherings occur once a month throughout the Summer months and attract a wide range of performers and skill levels.


Whilst there are afternoon workshops you will find a chance to just sit and listen or partake in the open mic session that is one of the regular features when folk singers and musicians get together.


The events are free and food and drink are always available from the host venue.


Here is local Appalachian Clog group Step in Time doing their thing.

Running Time :  19:16  (34680)