Our Podcasts

The show was originally  conceived to be broadcast on a small local radio station to act

as an information guide to events in the area interspaced with tracks from various

musical genres to fit the occasions.   After preparing over 20 hours of shows we

felt we were being 'guided' down a path more commonly walked by the big

commercial stations and one we were not prepared to follow.   Music is a

personal choice and we felt the listeners were entitled to hear the tracks they

enjoyed listening to.

Having done away with the commercials and self praising promos, we

eventually created a style of show that we published as a Podcast.  This

meant the show was available to listeners 24 hours a day, 7 days a

week.   After the first few shows were in place we were surprised to

find that  our audience figures were not, as expected, slightly

less than predicted in direct comparison to the other shows

on the network, but in fact, slightly greater.

Over the following months this figure has already risen to an

astonishing 800%.

The show's format seems to hit the target audience more

accurately by simply understanding our potential audience.

We have aimed mainly at the more mature generation who can

remember the days of the classic easy going, friendly chat

type of show from the 80's as far back as the 60's and often

before.  There's nothing more human than a couple airing

their views on spring cleaning with associated retaliations if

the work isn't done, only to be left wondering what the

outcome will be after the next track has been introduced.

To be able to click on a link and hear a show for a full sixty

minutes or longer without having to worry if your phone

signal is going to stay in range or you're not disturbing

passengers on the local bus service has been a major point of

praise from most of our listeners.   Us oldies aren't that active

any more and to have a selection of music flowing around the

room from the speakers means you can do other things as well.

We still include the local events when organisers inform us of

them, and we often include interviews with the new artistes we

regularly feature.   The music is different every week unless you

ask to hear something you've liked once again.

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